Wolderful fish and seafood in Galician style

Insalata russaOne of the best restaurant in Barcelona. Products of great quality and an impeccable service. The sea food is the heart of its offer, with a Galician mark already clear before the entrance. Big aquariums full of shellfishes and wide dishes covered with wonderful fishes, the same that will be brought later on the table. The cooking is not sofisticated, the product comes directly into the mouth with all its taste and with no frills.

There are obviously many different options but probably the best way to be impressed is choosing the Bandeja Cantábrica or the Parillada. The first one is a big tray of ice full of fresh or cold shellfishes. Over the top the oysters and the percebes, a delight of the Atlantic coast. Sided with a tower of wonderful shrimps and scampi, a crab salad and another somptuose crab on the top of all. The parillada has the same impressive amount of sea food, but cooked on the plate. There are wonderful shrimps and scampi too, calamari, cuttlefishes and the final touch with scallops and a big lobster on the top.

The dessert time is also interesting. It’s included a little sample of three cakes: an almond brittle, a chocolate truffle and a soft Santiago cake. Beside you can choose one of the wonderful dessert from the menu: little delice like cream horns, cheese cakes or fruit pastries. Maybe the best of them all is the mango cake, where you can fell three different textures underneath your teeth, a piece of art.

Ensalada de centolloInside the restaurant is elegant. Wood bars and brass finishing give it a sense of cruiser ship. You’re welcome by waiters in uniform and a collection of the celebrities who visited the restaurant: football players, international politicians, artis and even the Emeritus King some year younger.

The price is expensive, no illusion. We talk about 50 € per person. Without looking at the wine list, with an an exceptional offer that’s not accesible for every pocket. It depends if you want to reduce de expence or, once in a life, forget the world and let you lead by the grandeur. For all these reasons the restaurant is indicated for important occasions. With the family, with friends, for business, in lovely company, but, anyway, important.

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