When Japan meets the rest of the world

Sushi thai y sushi griegoA big classic, one of the best japanese restaurant in Barcelona. But saying only japanese is too few. The ground of the menu is undoubtly this: nagiri, maki, gyosa, sashimi and all the traditional food that you can ask in a restaurant of that kind. Good atmosphere, with an open kitchen for the sushi to gain the customer’s trust. But the best part of the menu is the sushi fusion, which really leads you by hand all around the world. Peruan maki, with cevice; italian maki, with mozzarella and basil souce; thai maki, with shrimps and curry coconut souce; mexican maki, with avocado and chipotle souce and finally, maybe the best piece: greek maki, with feta cheese and pistacho crumble: a poem.

sushi-mexicanoThe restaurant is made by a big unique room. A bit noisy indeed, with an additional hidden space, decorated with the typical japanese traditional syle. It’s always very crowdy and they don’t accept reservation. The suggestion is thus to come one hour in advance, sing in the waiting list and take a walk or a drink in the neighborhood. This experience won’t disappont you!

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