The website

Barcelona Donde is a project that collects experiences of the city of Barcelona and writes them down to shares them with all the world. The website is totally amateurish. Enthusiastic people who likes to get lost in the streets of the city and to discover the most hidden and charming corners manages and publishes it.
The business reported here never exerted any kind of pression or sponsoring above the authors: only the places directly visited and that are able to donate a true experience are reviewed.

The places are choosen by totally personal parameters. The curiosity may come from a the slowly walking in a sunny day, by glancing a menu hang outside the door or simply suggested by a close friend.
Barcelona Donde first examines the menu. It must be original, in many ways. Innovative combinations of ingredients and tastes, something unespected, somehow. At the same time it appreciates those places with a strong strategic view, where the style of the food is absolutely clear. A special consideration for the traditional taste too. Both exotic and european. But with no pretension of purity, no filological approach at all. The possiblity of a wide choose is a good point. But the customer shouldn’t get lost in an intricate jungle of options.

Finally it evaluates the experience as a whole: the interior design, the people, the environment. A place or an event can be perfect for a romantic date but too boringto hang out with friends. That’s why there’s will never miss a suggestion about the kind of experience better suit for the place reviewed.

Every user can accede to the full description of the places. To better know the details and mostly, the “Where”, the registration is needed. In this way the user can see the map with all the information.

The Staff of Barcelona Donde