Sweet italian pastisserie

Cassata siciliana y croissant de chocolateIt’s a small bar with an artesanal lab in the end. It’s mostly concentrated on sweets, but there’s even a little salty session with little pizzas and focaccias. The best pieces are some kind of pretty traditional cakes in Italy, but they are not very well known abroad. At the moment Ricotta chees is the master here, with Cassata Siciliana and Pastiera Napoletana well disposed in all their majesty on shelves. First Class Honours for the Pear and Chocolate cake and the Cannoli Siciliani. For the nostalgics of tipical italian breakfast this bar is especially indicated for the croissant. Chubby pastry to dive in at each bite, exploding custard, chocolate or pistacho cream.

Tarta chocolate y pera y Pastiera napolitanaGood point: it’s one of the few bar in Gracia that opens the doors before 9 o’clock so that even the employees can have some sweet and a good coffee before starting the day. Only fault: they serve the coffee in a paper cup. Half of the poetry’s got lost this way. But maybe in the future it will change.

Cassata al horno

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