Swedish taste on the mediterranean coast

Ciervo con salsa de arándanos rojosIt seems incredible, but a mediterranean capital like Barcelona is able to host even a… Swedish restaurant. Yes it is, even if someone doesn’t go to Sweden for its food, the Swedish too has some traditional curses and an amazing gastronomy.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu made by little sample of swedish flavours. The main one is the herrigs, in different ways. First of all a grating pudding herrings and potatos, very tasty. Or even smoked with boiled potatos. Again with the fish there are a couple of sample of salmon: smoked or marinated with cream. The menu has meat too: meatballs with beet sauce, pork shank or turkey with yellow curry sauce. It’s a intriguing combination, that opens a wide landscape over the food offer of this place.

Menu degustación suecoÀ la carte you can choose the same curses of the degustation, like the salmon, the herrings, the pork or, you can try something really special: the deer. Tender raw medallions with redberry sauce and a pudding of potatos and ginger. A true deliociosness and, most of all, something totally different from the food you can expect in Barcelona.

Selección de postres suecosThe place is small but cozy, with images of the deep north hung on the wooden walls. In general this place opens the debate: yes, but, the swedish food, does it really deserve a try? It seems that after the sucess of Ikea, even on the mediterranean coast people appreciates it, so that you can find original and interesting flavours here. For sure it’s  best suggested for a romantinc dinner in a winter night. While in summer, when the city is locked up under a moisture umbrella, maybe someone prefers other kind of taste.

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