Sant Jordi, the fair of the rose and the book

Rosas de Sant JordiRomanticism and culture. Where to find another event like this? It’s not only the most charming event in Barcelona, it’s the best in Europe, with some aproximation. No, it’s neither for the alcohol, nor for the wild dancing, nor for the music that liquefies the brain. Only romanticism and culture.

On May the 23rd, San Jordi, in Barcelona people is use to exchange some special gift. Women have to choose a book while men a rose. For this reason the city really transforms itself this day in an enchanting way. In each corner there’s a stand that sells roses. From the sophisticaed compositions of the flower shops to the genuine ones of the students’ groups or the associacions that try to get some money. It’s not necessary a romantic gesture. Of course the most wonderful rose is for the lover, but there’s the habit to bring roses to the job as well. As a courtesy.

Casa Batlló San JordiAt the same time all the bookshops of the city build up their stands in downtown. Passeig de Gracia and mostly Rambla Catalunya change into a big open air book festival. The top writers of the time grab the moment to meet their readers and sign their books.

Best of all it’s the fresh atmosphere of spring that fills the air and gives its enchanting charme. Moreover, let’s say, once in a year men don’t have to break their heads to find the right gift for their lovers. Because the for them the plot is already written, they only have to find a rose. And it’s impossible not to find one in Barcelona in this day. For women, indeed, it’s a little more complicated, because they have to find a book, yes, but which one? The choice is almost infinite. They have to know very well their partners, listen to them, guess their tastes and, most important, remember what they have already read.

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