Paella of Valencia coocked and eaten like at home

Paella de mariscoThe kingdom of the rice. Prepared with all the passion and the wide range of possibilities of spanish cooking. Better said the “levantine” cooking, to be honest. Let’s step aside the sophisticated fusion style and get back into the home made tastes and sensations.

The menu offers a rich choice of entrance, like tapas, fish or meat, but it’s better to go straight to the point: paella. The time that you have to wait for it and the fact that it can’t be order for too few people is a guarantee of quality. It’s not a pre-cooked food like the one you can find in the touristic restaurants. And once it comes on the table it lives up the expectations: tasty and good as few. You can choose between the most commont version, with seafood, or with squid ink, or the “valenciana”, with chiken, rabbit and broad bean: for the purists.

Paella de mariscoBut the rice in Spain is not only paella, and this is one of the best point of this restaurant. You can try a rice “meloso”, softer, or “caldoso”, with even more sauce. Or the opposite, backed rice, dryer. Or what seems to be the guest start of the menu: rice “a banda”, a typical recipe of the valencian cooking. All these types of rice can be ordered with seafood, fish, meat or vegetables, according everyone’s taste. Because what is really impressing is the amplitude and completeness of the offer of rice recipes of this restaurant. And if somebody is still unsatisfied about it, there’s even the fideua, another typical valencian food, with its traditional ali y oli, or squid ink, fish or a more mountain’s version, with mushrooms and paté.

Gambas y patatasThe place is cozy and well-finished, with a touch of popular that goes hand by hand with the gastronomy offer. Maybe it’s not the first choice for a romantic dinner, even if it’s not completely wrong. It has no glamour but somebody can even apreciate it. Undoublty it gives the best in a family lunch or with friends.

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