No tic por, Barcelona honors the victim of the terrorist attack

Manifestacion No tic PorThis is not a political blog, nor it’s written in first person. But in this case we’ll make an exception.

On Saturday 26th of August 2017, a demostration took place in Barcelona to honor the victims of the terrorist attack of Agust the 17th on the Ramblas. The general sloga was “no tic por“, I have no fear. We’ve been there too. Giving our little contribution against the terrorism and to help the city to get back to normality after such a terrible massacre.

Rosas sobre ambulanciaUnfortunately the demostration was a bit disappointing. The sorrow and the rejection of the terrorism should have generated a unique silent voice all over Passeig de Gracia until Plaça Catalunya. This would have been the strongest response. But the demonstrators brought each its own distinction, riventication or it’s own never appeased rancor. Despite the call to not bring flags by the major of Barcelona, Ada Colau, there was too much flags instead. Some harmless but usless in this case like Equador, Tibet or Bolivia. Probably brought by some people who wants to be closer to the city feeling. Some others a bit more problematic, like the “estelada“, the flag of the Catalan Indipendent movement. An absolute licit flag, but in this case more than unifyng, it created a fracture and brought nothing more to the demostration. The same for some papers against the trade of weapons with foreign countries. A sharable position, obviously, but is this the right moment to raise the debate? As if the van that caused 15 deads was drone by the weapons’ lobby or the own goverment of Madrid.

Manifestación MonarquicosFinally, the most original of them all. A group of royalist took to the street with a banner saying “Against the terrorism: thanks his majesty”, and an effigy of Felipe VI that not even in Iran for Ayatollah Khomeyni. Absolutely out of place. Moreover, after walking between two wings of no stopping whistles, when the group reached Plaça Catalunya it was stopped by some other demostrants who probably didn’t appreciate the borbonic dynasty that much. At the end the police had to surrond them and leaded them out of the square. It was a sad momento. Too provocative the former, too intolerant the latter.

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