Italian sandwich and piadina’s party

Bocadillo Prosciutto di ParmaEven if a sandwich bar may look like an ordinary place, this is undoublty different. Let’s start saying that there’s not only sandwich but piadinas too. They are not so rare in Barcelona but it’s a thumb up when you find one. And the bread the use for the sandwich is very good, crispy outside and soft inside.

Piadina Speck y BrieThe main resources are surely the ingredients. You can taste tipical italians food, with reginal focus, that are not so easy to find abroad. There’s the already well known Prosciutto di Parma, which must face here the competence of Jamon Serrano. But the other cold cuts really shed a tear: Spek, Bresaola, together with a wonderful and buttery mozzarella di bufala, mortadella and most of all coppa. Find coppa in Barcelona is not easy. Even the italian places don’t always have it. Probably it’s not such a well known food that deserves a place in the list and for this every time you can find it it’s a party.

Bocadillo Bresaola y MozzarellaThe combinations are very interesting: avocado, goat cheese, truffle sauce, salmon. The sandwich are neither filled with too many ingredients nor spill over with acid or sweet sauce. The sandwiches are genuine and clean, tasty and well balanced at the same time.

It’s an ideal place for the lunch break, maybe less for a first date. Maybe not even for a second one. Well, probably better when with the kids.

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