High quality ceviche

Ceviche tradicionalLet’s start: this is the best ceviche tasted in Barcelona so far.
As a tipical and traditional food the tast is always associated with some kind of personal experience. For this there could be some Peruan people saying that this ceviche is not so amazing as it seems. Because my mother does it better, because in my town they add an ingredient that here you can’t find. That’s right, but a part from this, this is a very enchanting ceviche. An explosion of tastes in the mouth, with a perfect balance between the acid of the lime and the salty of the leche de tigre, the same as the texture where the smooth of the fish is perfectly married with the crispy of the onion. For the fan of this food it’s very recommended to try the different versions of ceviche proposed by this restaurant: with ají, with recoto or the nikkei one, with tuna and teriyaki sauce, definetely amazing.

Tiradico criolloThe menu follows with a proposal of other peruan exquisiteness that it’s worth a try. The tiradito crillo for instance, well spicy and with sweet potatoes; or the delicious tuna tataki with chupe sauce. Or even the amazing tacu tacu a lo macho: a pudding with rice and frijoles sided with salmon and seafood sauce.

Tacu Tacu a lo machoThe desserts are triunf of tastesas weel, like the caramel cream, topped with lime foam and spraied with canella; or the picarones: donuts of fried batter with honey.

Dulce de leche y espuma de limaIt’s a quality restaurant, no doubt. The menu is a concrete list of peruan food, that let the customer enjoys the choice of different solutions without getting lost between unknown names and tastes. And there’s no disappointment when it’s brought on the table: an elegant presentation with original combinations that surely amaze the european palates as well as the latin ones. The environment is plesant and bright, with some kind of recall to the pop art. Well indicated for romantic dates or small groups. It’s a little bit more expensive than the average, but it deserves it, as you’ll leave the place with no regret at all.

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