Breakfast at the Opera

Tarta de crema pastelera y frutas del bosqueOne of the best bar where to taste an italian breakfast, as to say, a sweet breakfast. Set into one of the most fashinating square of the city, with a bit of luck you can enjoy it even sitting at a table outside. Very good coffee, to start, and delicious patisserie. The bar has a laboratory in the back from where they take out some wonderful cake. The Queen of the bar is undoublty the Ricotta and Chocolate pie: with a dough made with an dense and enveloping cocoa that amazes at every bite. Another big classic of this bar is the Carrot Cake, covered with a layer of Mascarpone cheese. Definetely better and lighter that those big bricks covered with butter used in the english bars. Or even the cake with crème patissière and mixed berries, maybe the fanciest of all. The bar doesn’t make every day, but when they bake it out, it’s a party!

Tarta de zanahoria y tarta de ricota y chocolateThe bar has a general artisanal production of pastisserie, of course, but of smoothies and stuffed focaccias too. It’s open all day long, as it works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only limit: it opens at 9 in the morning during the week. This means that it’s more for students or artists than for the working class.

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