A true italian pizza

Pizza bresaolaSomebody likes it thin, somebody else likes it spongy. Here’s spongy. With a generous handful of ingredients on the top. A tasty italian style pizza, cooked in a hoover with wood and with a touch of design in the disposition of the ingredients. Maybe one of the best in Barcelona, for the pizza lovers.

The site is not that big, decorated with simplicity and a touch of originality, like the packaging boxes as chairs, cover in the middle and big tables to share. The menu is pretty short, with a ten of pizzas, some entry, salad and dessert.

Pizza tomate pachino y parmesanoIt’s suggested for haging out with friends or in a small group of 4 – 6 persons. For bigger groups it looks too small. For a first romantic date maybe it’s not the best place: the rustic touch could fail the point. But after breaking the ice it’s a good cart to play.

Well, it’s a bit expensive, indeed. But it’s part of the game. For an Italian it’s a pity to see a pizza for 13 €, but in Barcelona it’s pretty normal.

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