A travel through southeast Asia without leaving Barcelona

Rollitos chinos primaveraIt’s hard to find an appropriate definition for this restaurant. Which is already a good start as slipping away from definitions makes it unique. One could say it’s asiatic. And actually the menu is enterely made of food from south east Asia: Filippines, Vietnam, Malasya, Thailand and China. But it’s not only this. The food looks more delicate and equilibrate that what you can often find in a traditional asiatic restaurant. One could say then: asiatic fusion. But again no. Because in this case it opens to the mix between food and processes borrowed from different places and traditions. And that’s not the case, as there are only traditional recipes, cooked following the rules. So what? Maybe it’s just an asiatic restaurant by an european chef. The tastes are more harmonius, less shocking and strong than the originals. Which is something that would probably give a native food for thoughts, but an european could appreciate at the end.

Berenjena con gambas en salsa agridulceThe choice is wide. Let’s start with momo, tibetan dumpligs filled with meat, vegetables or shirmps. Or the most popular spring rolls from China or Vietnam with vegetables, both very tasty. The salads are very good as well, very rich and complete as a course, with meat or fish. As main choice the tataki is very good as well as the pad thai.

Rollitos primavera vietnamitasAn interesting thing is that outside the menu there are always two or three fancy options to choose. Like the fired aubergines with shrimps and sweet and sour souce or the seaweed salad with mango. But the very best of all is the coconut rice with shrimps. Served directly inside the coconut, it looks more like an italian risotto than an eastern one. First because the rice is not basmati and then because it’s softer and with a bit of sauce. Very very good even if it’s not always in the list.

Pad ThaiThe place is small and cozy, in two stairs. Upstairs they set up a little japanese veranda, very appealing and romantic. The price is accesible and it shocks for the quality of the food. Without the wine you can easily have dinner for 15 or 20 € for person that is a luxury for the current times. It’s better to reserve, even if not with strong advance, mostly because the dinner is split into two turns.

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