A heaven’s corner hidden into the mediterranean pine

Cala WaikikiIt’s an enchanting place. Two bays hidden into a dense and scented mediterranean pine grove. To get there from Barcelona the car is needed. It can be left at the border of the pines and enter then by feet through the path. After half en hour walking the view opens upon a blue and inmens sea. To reach the beach there’s a steep slope, but nothing that can’t be done with a bit of caution.

Cala WaikikiThe first bay it’s rocky with just some little corner available. The second bay is really spectacular. A wide stripe of sand between two rocky ribs. The walls are an explosion of mediterranean colours: the green of the pines, ochre of the ground and the blue of the sky: breathless. The water is crystalline and fresh with little fishes swimming between your legs. It’s a half nudist beach, it means that yes, there are people taking off their clothes but other stays with their costume. Everything with nice spirit of mutual cohabitation.

There’s no service at all, so it’s better to bring food and water. Moreover the beach is totaly exposed to the sun, so if you want to rest under the shadow, you have to climb back into the pines. It’s a pretty renowned place, so there’s no risk to be alone in the wood looking for the right path, there’s always somebody to ask. But the beach is big enaugh, you don’t have to fight to place the towel, there’s space for everybody.

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