A delicate caprice for the mouth

Vieiras con espuma de parmesanoIntriguing, surprising, romantic, fascinating. This place is this and even more. Beyond the food it provides unforgettable experience and it builds narration with its courses.

Carpaccio de huevosThe space is cozy. The customers are placed in little marble tables or at the bar. Indeed it’s like perching on the footstool, but you have never the sensation to be squeezed. Everything seems to find its place: romantic couples, little group of friends, a business dinner.

Lievre con salsa de vinoThe offer is really interesting. Beside a wide selectino of seafood on the griddle, there’s some delisciouness. Unforgettable the scallop with parmesan foam. One of the best entrance ever tasted. Delicated and intense at the same time. Another great classic is the eggs carpaccio. It look like a nonsense but when you taste it the things change. It’s a half liquid egg with shrimps, pine nuts and crunchy strings of potatoes on the top.

Another important course is what they called the Lievre Royal. It looks more like a pudding indeed: a little cilinder of hare meat topped with pistacho crumb, wine cream and a touch of pear. An interesting taste, very intense, for the ones who love the game.

Torrijas con carameloA mention of honor for the wine list. The offer is really complete and surprising, with spanish, italian and french wines. Ideal to amaze at a first date showing up a bit of knowledge about this item. The problem is not showing to be surprised at the time to pay the bill.

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